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Other than being an event of art and solidarity, CowParade, from a commercial point of view, land itself as an exquisite mean of business communication and advertising. There are many business opportunities to be had: from sponsoring to adopting a cow, or two cows or even an entire herd. One may choose from the artistic selection made by the Committee, or one may elect a trusted artist, or even request CowParade to assist and elaborate the companies own special business aims.

The cow, or the herd that you will adopt will graze for three months on the most famous streets and squares of Florence. Your company’s name will be firmly displayed on the cement base on which the cow stands.

In addiction, your company will be included in the guidebook, in the catalogue and be put on the official CowParade’s corporate web site (with a link to the company own web site). Furthermore, CowParade’s logo and the image of adopted cow may be used for your company marketing and promotional materials.

Keep in mind that the event is of international scale and will have notable media resonance. We can help your company single out the most appropriate formula for your business. Contact the organising secretary at 00 39 055 2039733, or write to:

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